Lakeshore's Amazing Race

Hosted by Lakeshore's Junior Board

Lakeshore’s Amazing Race is a popular and successful community event hosted by Lakeshore Foundation's Junior Board. This event is a unique blend of fundraising and outreach to encourage community involvement and disability awareness. Modeled after the television show The Amazing Race, participants “race” in teams of four to complete fun and interactive challenges. These challenges are set up throughout Lakeshore’s 45-acre campus and are specifically designed to promote the programs and resources available at Lakeshore.  

Individual Teams: Entry fee is $300 ($75 per person) for a team of four. Team members must be at least seven years old. 

Corporate Teams: Entry fee is $500 for a team of four. Corporations will be recognized for their support on promotional materials for Lakeshore's Amazing Race.                              

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Event Details

Saturday, June 2, 2018
8 a.m. to 12 p.m.                           
Lakeshore Foundation
4000 Ridgeway Drive
Birmingham, AL 35209 
Event Timeline:
8 a.m. Team registration                                
8:50 a.m. Welcome, race rules and pre-race warm up 
9 a.m. Race begins 
12 p.m. Food, drinks, music, awards and prizes
Questions? Contact Kristen Evans at 205-313-7482 or 
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