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Lakeshore Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to enable people with physical disability and chronic health conditions to lead healthy, active, and independent lifestyles through physical activity, sport, recreation, advocacy, policy and research. Last year, over 124,000 visits were made to our facility by 3,300 active members; more than 5,200 individuals participated in adapted fitness, recreation and sport through our membership program, camps for youth and injured service members and their families and youth and adult athletics. 

Lakeshore is a United States Olympic Committee Olympic and Paralympic Training Site, hosting U.S. athletes as they train for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. In addition, Lakeshore offers the Lima Foxtrot program to serve injured U.S. military, veterans and their families through sport and recreation camps. Participants in Lakeshore’s Lima Foxtrot program have traveled from 46 states, Puerto Rico, District of Columbia Canada, Germany and the Philippines.

ACTIVITY Our aquatics, fitness, recreation and athletic programs get everyone moving. We are distinct as a U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Site that brings elite athletes from across the globe to train and compete.

RESEARCH Our UAB/Lakeshore Research Collaborative develops and evaluates new programs and technology in exercise, sport science, health promotion and rehabilitation engineering.

ADVOCACY Our advocacy and policy team invites people with and without disabilities to be engaged, informed and empowered to create partnerships that promote inclusion, access and equal representation in our local, national and global policy initiatives.

Lakeshore is also home to the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD), the CDC funded program that promotes leadership, training, wellness and physical activity across the U.S.

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